OMPulser – Magnetic Pulser

Oiiya’s custom made Magnetic Pulser is a limited, handcrafted system designed to offer some unique properties of the Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology.

OMPulser – Magnetic Pulser is a very unique pulsed electromagnetic field system. It is designed with an adjustable intensity knob that can change the frequency between 3-50Hz, and 50-180Hz in real-time. OMPulser is a mid-range intensity magnetic pulser, suitable for a wide variety of applications like localized pain-relief and improving blood circulation.

Mid-Range Intensity (80-100 Gauss)

PEMF offers a while spectrum of potential health benefits. Today you can typically find 3 types of PEMF devices –

  • Low intensity (< 20 Gauss) frequency-based system. These are very popular among home users for general wellness use
  • Mid-range intensity (80-500 Gauss) localized treatment system. This usually is designed for pain relief, and while they are focus on frequency, the frequency range and complexity is usually not as sophisticated as the low-intensity system
  • High intensity (> 1000 Gauss) based system. These usually focus on the micro-current generated through the magnetic field to achieve the desired health effect.

Magnetic Pulser, originally designed and popularized by Bob Beck, is always in the realm of high-intensity space. OMP is considered evolution to the original Magnetic Pulser, as it tries to compensate the need for strength, with the need for frequencies, and at the same time striking a good balance between the need for intensity and frequency.

Additional Information

  • Availability: OMPulser is available for Singapore customer only
  • 1 Year Local Warranty
  • Customisable Paddle wire length (2m – 4m). On request.
  • Customizable Timer length (10 – 60 minutes)
  • Effective field of coverage (1 meter @ 3Hz, and up to 2 meter @ 180Hz)

Suitable for

  • Localized pain relief
  • General wellness application using lower frequency range (3-50Hz)

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Disclaimer: OMPulser is not a medical device, and is not meant to treat or cure any specific medical condition.