Oii-Patch is a non-transdermal technology, an advanced form of acupressure with the cutting edge Bio-Resonance Technologies often give immediate result when place on the body. It’s vibrational energy constantly stimulating and loosening blocked vessels, improving blood circulations, detoxifying stubborn dead cells and other toxic materials that are harmful to our body.

Designed and manufactured in Singapore, Oii-Patch is designed with ease of use and a cost-effective solution for your day-to-day pain relief suitable for everyone in your family.

Oii-Patch Pain Relief Disc

  • Small in size, big in effect
  • Cost-effective, as you can reuse it over and over
  • Unlike medicated pain relief patch, it is odourless, non-oily and seldom cause side reaction to the skin surface
  • Safe, non-intrusive and almost anyone can use it with ease.

A new Energy Science Medicine Technologies, constantly providing vibrating wave energy on the area as long as it is placed, reducing inflammation, loosening blocked vessels, smoothing and stimulating acupressure points, a replacement for needling! BRP pro pain relief disc is a natural alternative, a method of stimulating pain relief, it is made from meteorite powder, crystals powder, and magnets. These properties continuously emit energy waves penetrating every known particle, right down to the atom. It boosts the energy at the cellular level, increases the electrical conductivity of the blood, thus significantly contribute to the efficiency of the blood flow. Oii-Patch provides relief from spasms, allowing the smooth and striated muscle to relax, aiding blood flow to the muscle around arteries and blood vessels which naturally leads to better tissue nutrition and a reduction in localized inflammation. The anti-inflammatory and relaxing effect helps the reduction of pain.

Oii-Patch is ideal for muscle pain and stiffness, stiff neck, frozen shoulder, backache, headache, knee or ankle pain.

How Oii-Patch works:

Our blood carries and distributes nutrition, minerals and oxygen to various parts of our body, and also serves as the medium to transport toxic waste from our body cells. Blockages int he blood system (poor circulation) may result in nutritional deficiencies and lack of oxygen, which will eventually weaken the organs and result in serious or chronic illness. Good blood circulation is the essence of health and prevents illnesses. Oii-Patch vibrational energy loosens the blockage in our blood vessels, emits negative ions to improve blood circulation.

As such, Oii-Patch not only can be used for pain relief, it can also use for the purpose of wellness maintenance.