Low Frequency Vibration

Benefits of Low-Frequency Vibration

Low frequency (below 15Hz) is known as resonance frequency for the human body. What this means is the vibration frequency can create a resonance effect to specific organs, and help to amplify the impact and to create a long-lasting impact even after the exercise.

The resonance frequency is one of the critical building blocks for frequency therapy. In any frequency therapy, one would try to create resonance effect such that the energy transferred can be amplified and the effect can be sustained long after the session.  Less is more.


Frequency Response of the Human Body

Different parts of our body have different frequency resonance range. What this means is when the specific body part is subjected to the resonance frequency, it will respond with an amplified effect. The diagram below illustrates the different frequency response of the human body.

Vibrational resonance is both a good and bad thing. From the occupational perspective, constant and long-term exposure to such resonance frequencies can be detrimental to our health and may cause injuries.

From exercising perspective, this can be beneficial as lesser vibrational force is needed to achieve the desired body vibration effect without injuring the rest of the body parts.

Oii-Plate vibrates at a low 4.4-9.6Hz range, creating a resonance impact for legs, arms, shoulder, and our vital internal organs residing in our abdominal section. It has no resonance on spinal and head section, which reacts at higher frequencies (10Hz – 100Hz).

Standing on top of the Oii-Plate vibrating at 4-8Hz will closely simulating Qi vibrational practices, where the focus is to improve your whole body Qi circulation and stimulates the triple warmer meridian. This meridian is responsible for the movement and transformation of various solids and fluids throughout the system, as well as for the production and circulation of nourishing and protective energy.